How to Increase your Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

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We’ve been asked quite a lot from clients for a question: how to increase the conversion rate of a Magento store. The question is interesting as the conversion rate is one of the benchmark of how successful your e-business is.

Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

To start with, let’s have a look at some figures of the eCommerce conversion rate from some report available on line:

IBM Coremetrics Benchmark Reports

IBM Coremetrics Benchmark Industry Report

You may not have time to go through all those articles. Let’s sum-up, many of the ecommerce site get a conversion rate from 1.5~3%. This is a typical value and please have a check with your one. How’s your ecommerce conversion rate?

More then 3%, Wow, you’re the master of turning the visits to orders online and you don’t need to go through this article.

Less 1%? That’s horrible right?

Here are some tips on how to increase the conversion rate that we summary from working with a lot of eCommerce related projects.

Keep things simple!

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to get a boost on your conversion rate is to make your website simple and remove those unnecessary content, especially on your landing page. When your website is full of lengthy paragraphs, multiple call-to-action, banners, ads or links, users will be confused and frustrated. Such a landing page is not user friendly and many of the new visitors won’t come back as their first impression of your website is bad. Therefore, design and maintain a clean landing page that is good and easy to digest and navigate is very important for you to start your e business.

Improve your checkout process!

Checkout is the last step to turn your visits into online orders, so there should not be any barriers for the customer to place an order on your website. But many of the eCommerce websites are not friendly enough for the checkout processes, a typical example will be the Magento default onepage checkout.

There’re 6 steps for the default Magento checkout processes. For each step, the customer needs to click and wait. This is a big barrier for many of the customers as when they see 6 steps ahead, they are frustrated and they may not want to finish them. Let’s have a look at the different below:

Obviously, customers will prefer to have an One Step checkout page. As they could fill in all the necessary information within one page and checkout immediately.

But please make sure when you program or use any one step checkout extension for your Magneto store, please fully test the checkout processes. Many of the 3rd party onestep checkout extensions are not fully tested and it will be worst to have them on your website then the default onepage checkout from Magento. The One Step Checkout extension from MagentoGarden is the one that has been fully tested and run smoothly on many Magento websites.

Another issue for checkout is that, many of the ecommerce website requires the customer to register before they could checkout, this is also a barrier for the customer to checkout. We suggest you to enable the Guest Checkout function from Magento.

Finally, try to provide as many payment gateways, or shipping options to the customers as possible. Not every user has his/her Paypal account. We’ll suggest you to provide at least two payment method to the customers, when one payment method is not working, at least they will have another choice.

Enhance the trust of your website from the customer

Many people are still very cautious to buy online. It is really important for you to give potential customers every reason they trust you.

Write clearly who you are, what you do and how you work. Provide as much information as possible to the customer about you. An address, not a P.O. Box - is a good start. A phone number, with people answering the phone, also helps. Showing a privacy policy and explaining shipping procedures clearly can also help the user to trust you. If you have a SSL certificate, don’t forget to shows the SSL logo to the user.

Invest on your server

Some of our customers won’t have enough budget and they try to save a small money on the server. This is understandable but please do remember, the speed of the landing page will influence not only the SEO of your site, but also the impressions from your customers when they visit your site. As Magento is kind of resource hungry, we’ll suggest you to at least try some premium package from some famous hosting company for Magento. There will always be problems for shared hosting plan. If you have the budget, try to have a VPS or a dedicated server. You will find your investment worth it.

Finally, please noted that conversion rate is not everything. It is just one of the benchmark of your e-business.

Try to increase your conversion rate but don’t rely on it too much.

OK, that’s all for the article today. Hope it helps you :)

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