How to Install Facebook store extension for Magento eCommerce?

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How about showcasing your e-commerce products directly on Facebook? Sounds Interesting? Well! eCommerce Website Development with Facebook app is no more a dream and just a matter of few minutes as Magento ecommerce, which is one of the leading and feature rich open source eCommerce Solution, now allows its users to show their online store directly on Facebook, where Facebook users can pick their choice and buy the products without visiting your Magento website. With the new Facebook app for Magento, one can share the link of any products with ‘Share This’ button, which repeatedly promote the products within the Facebook community. And the most important, rather interesting fact is that once the purchase is complete the information is posted on users’ wall. However, there is also a ‘Recommend’ button so, even if a user is not purchasing the product, he/she can always recommend the same to others.

Magento facebook store

Magento facebook store - it's easy for you to have a full magento store on your facebook apps.

The Facebook app for the purpose of Magento Development is named as ““Shopializable,” the term indicates two important nature of the app i.e. ‘shopping’ and ‘socializing’.You need to install Shopializable for Magento and Facebook separately; here is a step-by-step guide to run the application:

1.Installation for Magento

Creating Role

# Login to Magento back office

# Navigate to System > Web Services > Roles

# Click on ‘New Role’ and enter ‘Shopializable’ in ‘Role Name’. Once it is done click on ‘Role Resources’

In front of ‘Resource Access’, you are supposed to check some items, these are:

a) Retrieve Products Data

b) Retrieve Attribute Data

c) Link Box (do not check “Remove, Update and Create”)

d) Product Images Box (Do not check “Remove, Update and Create”)

e) Retrieve categories tree

f) Retrieve category data

g) Assigned Products (Do not check “Remove, Update and Assign”)

h) And in the end of the page, retrieve Stock data

i) Save the ROLE

Creating User and Assigning role to it

# Navigate to “System” > “Web services” > “Users”

# Click ‘New User’

# Fill the form and note the Username and API Key

# Click on the ‘User Role’ (You can see that in left panel)

# Now just select “Shopializable” (or the Role name you just created) and click “Save User” and it is done. Wasn’t it easy?

2.Now Time to Install Shopializable on Facebook for Magento

# Log in to your Facebook account

# Click ‘Go To Application’

# Click ‘Set up my shop’ and ‘Allow’ the authorization

Now you will have to configure the application to access the Magento Shop. The process will ask you, ‘which system are you using’, select Magento, then click on “Submit!”

# Fill up the form

# Username and API KEY

# Enter the URL address for your Magento shop

# Validate the form

# Now you can generate the product catalog (Please remember the generation is not an automatic process)

# Now click open your profile on Facebook and click ‘+’button and then click on ‘Shop’ (This will make Facebook profile available to your profile)

And the application is installed

Using social networking site can boost the online presence of you business on search engines. Due to its significance, The Magento Facebook extension has been widely acknowledged and appreciated as a profitable eCommerce Website Development app. The app switches the new user to a registered user automatically. So, whenever a customer visits your Magento site for the first time, and after than if he/she signs to Facebook, it automatically converts him/her as an active customer. Besides, you can display any number of categories or products on the Facebook page; customize the home page designs; the order details can be tracked within Facebook accounts; etc. It also promises several admin features such as with this app, you can update products details on both Magento and Facebook page at a time and set up you wall messages. The app is also compatible with all Magento payment gateways.

You must have find the entire process easy; and significance of the app important. It is just a matter of few clicks, with which you can make your offerings popular overnight.

We are just relaunch Magento Facebook Store - With this extension, it's easy for you to have a full magento store on your facebook apps.

Magento FaceStore

Magento facebook store

Buy now : Our' Magento Facebook Store

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Facebook integrated
  • Full graphic source
  • Easy to customize
  • Optimized search engine feature
  • Available extensions plugged in
  • Quick response for any enquiries

Thanks to the popularity and robust interactivity of Facebook, it is believed that there is nothing better than combining e-commerce with Facebook, particularly the combination of Magento and Facebook to form magento facebook store. Our facebook store extension takes advantage of these features to facilitate your webshop surfing and purchasing. You are able to buy product, register for an account right with Facebook app without approaching the webshop directly. You can also invite friend, recommend product to a friend or display the product on your own wall. We obtain all of these characteristics in one Facebook store theme.

Magento Facebook Store Features:

  • Run your magento website on Facebook app
  • Login with Facebook account
  • Post product information on facebook with only one click
  • Able for customers to post their order information on their wall
  • Invite friend to use app or to go shopping
  • Recommend product on Facebook
  • Full template package
  • Homepage slideshow images
  • New products display on homepage
  • Able to configure image static block on homepage in backend
  • Able to configure footer’s static block links
  • Credit card availability listing at footer
  • Full installation document and easy to install
  • Support almost of web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, safari...
  • W3C standard with xhtml/css
  • Easy to change style for your magento facebook store

View Detail :

100% satisfy with our service !

Thanks alot!

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