How to edit PDF address in Magento

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When you code in magento, maybe you will have question, how to edit PDF address in Magento.? You can do as following:

Editing PDF in Magento can be restrictive but if you need to edit just an address you can use events.

First set up your observer in config.xml:




After obsever is set you need to set in code and edit address templates:


* Observer printing invoices in PDF

class Inchoo_Sales_Model_Observer
public function addAdditionalDataToAddress(Varien_Event_Observer $address)
$data = $address->getEvent();
$customerData = $data["address"]->getOrder()->getData();
$customerId = $customerData['customer_id'];
//we are using customer object because it give us latest user data, if you want data from user on order creation use $customerData
$customer = Mage::getModel('customer/customer')->load($customerId);
$customerVariable = $customer->get?????;
//prevent of multiple insertion
if(strpos($data->type['default_format'],"Customer Variable")===false)
$stringToInsert = "{{var company}}|{{/depend}}|Customer Variable: ".$customerVariable."|";
$data->type['default_format'] = str_replace("{{var company}}|{{/depend}}",$stringToInsert, $data->type['default_format']);


If you use customer from order in PDF you get state from user in order state, if you wont get latest user data you have to use Mage::getModel(‘customer/customer’) object.
Replace ????? with your own data.

We are fetching address template and changing that template.


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