Complexity of online trading

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Its own online store and maintain, optimize simultaneously advertise and although at least in social networks, via email marketing and SEO. The legal requirements, besides the actual unwinding of transactions, purchase, sale and delivery of goods will be served. Especially for online merchants are the many challenges, all of which have an impact on business success. Very few online retailers, however, have the necessary know-how in all areas simultaneously. The knowledge required to gain is primarily in the legal field and in the areas of marketing such as SEO, is a difficult and time-consuming task. Since one wishes that a button would suffice to ensure, for example, the legal security of the shop.

Every other online retailers were warned 2011

Which formulations are in the Terms and Conditions ? What must always be mentioned in the imprint? Should I use a revocation or rather the return policy at the store? With these and many other questions will have to online retailers deal almost daily. That the dealers lurking in the process many cases, evidenced by the fact that in 2011 an average of every other online retailer was warned at least once.

Many online retailers give the creation of the legal texts now to lawyers who specialize in Internet law. The achieved time savings is by no means to be despised. However, the time is now shifted to the setting of legally secure texts in the online shop. If the dealer is not the lyrics to the correct location, it may be cautioned by the way also.

Carefree with the TNC interface

One step further in terms of legal certainty now is the trader's league. Its application allows TNC interface ensures that the texts are always loaded at the designated place of the shop and the click of a button. So that the texts are not only quite safe but also to keep abreast of the unique pre-established position in the online shop. For many systems, the T-Shop interface is already available. But what happens when changes in the law? Finally, online retailers will no longer deal with the degree of legal certainty of their shops. "The online retailers are under the Terms and update services by informing us about changing the law. The retailer now has to load the revised texts for the shop. This again just press a button and all the texts are already included updated and therefore quite safe". The answer from Andreas Arlt, chairman of the Dealers Association , on demand.

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