Magento LightSpeed Extension – Review

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At our company, we  installed and configured Lightspeed extensions for magento website. It's really not easy to configure. However, after it's done website is very good with speed loading.

We think that we should recommend this extension to magento website. You can see extension at: website is magento shopping cart site which we did and installed, configured Lightspeed for it.


Ivan Lozancic is from also said that: In the last 7 years of my involvement with web development I have had an opportunity to open a great number of different “boxes“ when looking for web site improvement. After opening these “boxes” things often didn’t seem as it was specified – luckily this is not a case with Magento Lightspeed extension : )

Even though this time there was again a certain feeling of skepticism towards something which seems too good (I probably have been disappointed a lot before), this feeling quickly disappeared. In
this short article I would like to share my experience with Magento LightSpeed module, emphasize
its advantages and compare the results on the website in the creation phase – before and after installation. I don’t intend to go into technical details (such questions can be answered by the Tiny Brick team)

1. Installation

Following very extensive and precise instructions I finished with the basic installation and configuration in about 30 minutes (I have to emphasize here that I’m not a Magento back-end developer). Everything went on without delays.

2. Support

Being curious during the test period I had the need to get in touch with technical support in order to ask a few questions. I logged on live chat on their web site and immediately got an answer (although the status was offline : )) This deserves praise.

3. Results

Everything that had previously been promised for this extension was fulfilled in our test project. The difference in how fast a web site loaded was obvious, to test response time and content loading I used Firebug and YSlow, documenting the results before and after installation (this is just an example without additional configuration). As you can see, the results are far better.

4. Conclusion

- The product has fulfilled all expectations and requirements
- In e-commerce world any increase of speed is extremely important and can increase ROI
- If you are the owner of Magento e-commerce system, this extension can help you a lot, and
in case you are dissatisfied you can always refer to their 15-day guarantee

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