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Actually, this is a very useful Magento Extensions for any websites based on Magento commerce. We designed and developed it to achieve many advanced features which facilitate administrator to manage the website from back end panel. At front end, the Magento Slideshow can be viewed smoothly in many effects. You can check and see how the Magento Slideshow features as follows:

It’s designated friendly with Magento Slideshow menu item and 2 sub menu items (Add slideshow, Manage slideshow) on the main navigation in back end.

MS Slideshow extension

Add slideshow - administrator can add new slideshow and configure the new slideshow in terms of:

+  On General information

-  Slideshow name
-  Configure slideshow whether it contains images or products or static blocks
-  Select position for slideshow
-  Select stores to show slideshow
-  Global slideshow setting with: height, width, Auto rotation, rotation speed,... Particularly the transition options allow you to select slidehow effects to view at font end.
-  Slideshow setting for products: image width, image height, show price or not, show product title or not, show product description or not
-  Slideshow setting for static blocks: image width, image height

+  On Slideshow images: you can add as many images as you wish to the slideshow if you configure slideshow to show images

+  On Products: it will list all products and allow you to select as many products as you want to the slideshow and it will show the products you added only if you configure slideshow to show products

+  On Static blocks: It will list all static blocks and allow you to select as many static blocks as you wish to show

+  On Display on pages: it allows you to configure slideshow to display on which pages you like

+  On Display on categories: it allows you to configure this slidehow to show on which categories you want

When you go to Manage slideshow sub menu item, you will see the slideshows you added before. You can edit/delete the slideshow. When you edit a slideshow you can configure slideshow again the way you want

Features Slide

+  8 unique transition effects
+  Lots of easy to set options to create your own effects
+  Included Image preloader
+  Autoplay that stops on user interaction
+  Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup
+  Packed version only weights 8kb
+  Supports linked images
+  Already prepared to work with prettyPhoto Lightbox
+  Works with jQuery 1.32 and higher

Font End

+  Show Magento Slideshow as exactly as you configured them in back end panel. The slideshow performs silky and vividly in different effect options
+  Once a user clicks a slide, it will go to details page. E.g. If the slide is a product, it will go to product details page…

Browser Support

+  Internet Explorer 6 and higher
+  Safari 3 and higher
+  Firefox 2 and higher
+  Opera 10 and higher
+  Google Chrome 3 and higher
+  Checks for last 3 Browsers performed on Mac & Win
+  Other Functions
+  HTML/CSS validation
+  Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
+  Friendly and flexible configuration
+  Support multiple stores


+  First download the Module.
+  Create a backup of current files on your server
+  Copy and Install the files from source folder to magento_root folder.
+  Go to System > Cache Management and flush all cache Memory.
+  Logout then login the admin panel again
+  Go to Slideshow > Manage Slideshow
+  Click on slideshow in list to edit.
+  To add new slideshow, go to Slideshow > Add Slideshow
+  Enjoy it!

Top Reasons to Buy

+  Simple but powerful extension
+  Orders tracking proficiency
+  Easy to install and configure
+  User-friendly interface
+  Downloadable updates
+  Instant help upon request.






Select "Ms slideshow" option at select box

or use username/password:msslideshow/slideshow123

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