New account email is still showing “demo store” email!!

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When someone registers a new account, it sends them an email with the magento logo and the default store text “Welcome to Magento Demo Store. To log in when visiting our site just click Login or My Account at the top of every page, and then enter your e-mail address and password.”

How do I change this????

Ive made a “new account” template email, but that hasnt changed it!  please help!


1) Login into the Admin section
2) Go to Configuration --> Customers --> Customer Configuration
3) Choose the option called “Default Template from Locale”

4) Locate the following files in this directory: app\locale\en-us\template\email\


Edit these files and remove “Magento Demo Store”. For example, in account_new.html you can find “Magento Demo Store” on line 24 in the sentence: Welcome to Magento Demo Store. To log in when visiting our site just click...

Change the files by replacing Magento with your store name. Save the files and you are done.

sign: fixbug :)

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