MS Slideshow 2.0

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  • 100% open source
  • Responsive & mobile support
  • Nicely slides transition
  • Easy to install, configure
  • Valid html5/css3
  • Touch interaction

Quick description

A Slideshow displayed on homepage is usually paid highest attention by the shop owner when starting an online business. Our slideshow extensions proudly supplies you with various options to beautify your website.


Magento Community Editions Compatibility: 1.4.x.x - 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x - 1.8.x.x

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Full Magento Slideshow descriptions

MS Slideshow 2.0 is believed to be practically useful Magento Extensions for any websites based on Magento platform. We designed and developed it to achieve many advanced features which facilitate administrator to manage Slideshow from back end panel. Also, at front end, our Magento Slideshow can be viewed smoothly with various effects. You can check and see its features as follows:

Newest features are updated on version 2.0

  • Slideshow admin panel is redesigned to have more user interface and easier for admin to manage slideshow

  • Ms Slideshow 2.0 is redesigned with responsive theme support, that means you can use this extension for your Magento responsive theme.

  • Also, it is designed to work well on all mobile Magento themes. It will automatically resize to fit within your theme on any mobile devices

  • On tablets and mobiles, Ms slideshow 2.0 also supports Touch interaction

Existing features

Back-end features

Admin can add new / manage existing slideshow. When admin add a new slideshow, it will allow admin to select 3 options for the slideshow including Image slideshow, Product slideshow anhd Static block slideshow

  • Image slideshow - Admin can add/ edit/ delete images of the slideshow. Admin also can add link for each image, text description for image

  • Product slideshow – Admin can easily select products for the slideshow

  • Static block slideshow – Admin can select static blocks in the list to show on the slideshow

While adding new or editing a slideshow, admin can also

  • Select position option for text in the slideshow, 6 options are available: Content top, Content bottom, Content left top, Content left bottom, Content right top, content right bottom

  • Select Yes/No to enable/ disable the slideshow

  • Select Yes/No to show or hide texts on the image

  • Assign Width and Height for the slideshow

  • Select Transition for the slideshow, 4 options available: Index, Carousel, Thumbnail controlBar, Thumbnail sliders

  • Select Animation for the slideshow: 2 options available: Face or Slide

  • Select Direction for the slideshow: 2 options available: Horizontal or Vertical

  • Admin can select a lot of options for slideshow performance, such as: Auto play or not, Slideshow speed, Animation speed, …


After creating a slideshow, admin can assign it to any pages on the site. Admin can also assign the slideshow to one or more categories

Front-end features

  • Smooth transition and animation effects

  • Auto-play that can be stopped upon user interaction

  • Support multi-stores

  • Show exactly all the effect configured in the back end

  • Valid HTML5 and CSS 3 Markup

  • Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, ……

  • Support all mobile devices and screen sizes


  • 100% open source code

  • Delivered with full extension package

  • Full user-guide document and videos

  • Easy to install and configure

  • Easy to customize to compatible with your own website's style and other customization

Customer's review(s)

  1. Slideshow extension very eyecatching.

    Review by Gala Eleam - Posted on 1/29/13


    Slideshow extension very nice and eyecatching. I'm very pleased with your's Services. All of you are very enthusiasm and greate ! Thank Mage-Shop for supporting...

  2. I'd recommended this extension for sure!

    Review by Taisha Thielman - Posted on 1/26/13


    I would like to use this extension with the following theme and am wondering if it is compatible to use the slider instead of the static picture on the front page.

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Select "Ms slideshow" option at select box

or use username/password:msslideshow/slideshow123

New features are updated in version 2.0 - Released April, 10th, 2013

  • Slideshow admin panel is redesigned to have more user interface and easier for admin to manage slideshow

  • Ms Slideshow 2.0 is redesigned with responsive theme support, that mean you can use this extension for your magento responsive theme.

  • Also, It is designed to work well on all mobile magento theme. It will automatically resize to meet with your theme on any mobile devices

  • In tablets and mobiles, Ms slideshow 2.0 also support Touch interaction

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    Martin has a great team of Magento experts, I really liked the work he did for me. I asked him to customize my template following a couple of jpg files that I got from a designer and he worked on that template without the psd's - that was awesome, the result I got was really good.
  • I really enjoy working with ahtsolutions. Quick response to our questions, delivery the project in time and excellent skills. I hope to work with them soon
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