Magento Customer Feedback extension

Top Reasons to Buy

  • Fully integrated into Magento and Facebook, it uses your actual order data, so no need for manual interactions.
  • Easy installation, done within 5 minutes.
  • Automatic use of rich snippets to feed into search engines.
  • Automatic e-mail alert to customer after sending products.

Quick description

Get higher conversion rates, improve CTR in search engines, improve your social media channels and get useful customer feedback to improve your service with retrieving customer feedback about your company


Magento Community Editions Compatibility: 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x - 1.8.x.x - 1.9.x.x

Magento Enterprise Editions Compatibility: 1.10.x.x - 1.11.x.x - 1.12.x.x - 1.13.x.x

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Magento Customer Feedback extension

Magento Customer Feedback extension will get you higher conversion rates because it uses the sales technique social proof. Social proof persuades potential customers to buy your product or service, because they see how others rank and review your service. This Magento extension makes use of rich snippets to feed into search engines (like Google) with the average ranking of your customers reviews, helping to increase Click Through Rates (CTR) from search engine search results pages. Furthermore, it uses Facebook as a platform for rating your service increasing brand awareness and creating a trustworthy source.


Why buy Magento Customer Feedback extension

There are already many others review services like, so why buy Magento Customer Feedback extension?

No subscriptions, it’s a one time investment! At companies like Trustpilot you have to pay 250 USD per month as long as you want to use their service, we don’t like subscriptions.

  • Fully integrated into Magento and Facebook, it uses your actual order data, so no need for manual interactions.

  • Easy installation, done within 5 minutes.

  • Automatic use of rich snippets to feed into search engines.

  • Automatic e-mail alert to customer after sending products.


Great, but how does Magento Customer Feedback extension work?

Magento Customer Feedback extension works as follows:

  • After the order is shipped and is administered as complete in Magento, an e-mail will be send out to your customer after a number of days (you decide). This email is send by Magento and fully customizable to your needs.

  • The customer, after receiving your product or service, gets the e-mail and is asked to review your service on Facebook with a deep link.

  • The customer arrives at your Facebook Page and can score your service with stars (1-5) and leave a comment (open field).

  • After the review, the customer gets to the thank you page, where you can add a special note.

  • Feedback approval is done by you. Once the review is approved it will show on Facebook, the static block on your homepage (or any other page) and on the review overview page.

  • The average score of all reviews will be updated and will feed into your rich snippets towards search engines.


Magento rich snippets of reviews

One of the great advantages of this Magento extension is that it makes use of rich snippets for reviews. The code is ready and search engines like Google will easily pick up these rich snippets of the reviews you get.This will improve your CTR from Google, and furthermore you can add these rich snippets to Google Adwords to improve the quality of your Adwords campaigns!


Full functionality overview of Magento Customer Feedback extension

Here is a full list of functionalities:

  • Set days when you want to send an e-mail to your customer in Magento admin after the order is set to shipped.

  • Get email alerts when you have pending reviews.

  • Approve feedback.

  • Rich snippets with average scores for search engines.

  • Fully customizable email templates.

  • Show recent feedback on homepage or any other page.

  • Customizable number of items per feedback overview page.

  • All styling is used from the template, no need to style again.

  • Customizable opening page on Facebook.

  • Customizable thank you page after customer review on Facebook.


Service on Magento Customer Feedback extension

We at Arrowhitech and twelve.monkeys provide you with an excellent service on your magento extension: Magento Customer Feedback extension.

  • Money back guarantee within 15 days.

  • 3 months of support, including updates.

  • Support available from Monday-Saturday.


About AHT & Twelve.monkeys

ArrowHiTech and Twelve.monkeys have partnered up for creating this magento extension. ArrowHiTech is responsible for creating the technique, where Twelve.monkeys has used their expertise in online marketing and conversion optimization to get the best result for your business.

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